Treaty No. 5 – 1910 Adhesion – Sandy Lake

“A band of Indians residing in the vicinity of Deer Lake within the territory included in Treaty No. 5 signed adhesion to said Treaty on the 9th June, 1910, and under its conditions were assured a reserve in the proportion of 32 acres per capita.  At this time the territory formed no part of the Province of Ontario, it being then part of the North West Territories.  A final selection of the reserve had not been made and although the band in 1910 resided in the vicinity of Deer Lake the members have since changed their abode and are now in larger numbers resident at Sandy Lake, situate within the territory covered by the Commission under which the undersigned Commission are functioning.

Reserve for the Deer Lake Band at Sandy Lake Narrows:

Lying at the Narrows, being a stretch of water lying between Sandy Lake and Co-pe-te-quayah, the reserve to comprise 10,624 acres, or approximately 17 square miles, to be laid out in a rectangle having a width, so far as possible, of at least 3 miles with sufficient depth to satisfy the acreage amount.”

Report of the Commissioners Re Adhesion To Treaty No. 9 by Cain and Awrey  INAC File 1/1-11-12  Vol. 1