Treaty No. 9 – 1905 – Fort Albany

August 3rd

“After getting warmed up at the manager’s residence, and partaking of dinner, the leading Indians not absent were assembled in a room off the office [illegible] explained to them thro. interpreter James Linklater that the King had sent his representatives to enter into Treaty with them as he wished all his subjects both whites and Indians to be happy and prosperous and that he wished to set aside a tract of land for their sole use and benefit upon wh. no white man would be permitted to trespass, He also wishing to assist them would after the signing of the Treaty make a present in this year of $8 per capita and an annuity during all time of $4 per annum, that an agent would be appointed to meet them at a season to be agreed upon and he would pay to all present absentees $8 [illegible] and that they would be paid that money promised after signing the Treaty as soon as the pay list were prepared, also that the King had ordered a feast for them in commemoration of this event wh. would not be continued year after year being provided this year on account for being the Treaty year, it was also explained that so many of their band being absent the choosing of Chief and Councillors would be deferred until next year when they were all assembled and that on the Election of Chief he would be given a flag wh. he was to fly on all occasions when visitors or Gov’t officials visited his camp [illegible] after the term of 3 years, the flag would be transferred to [illegible] unless he was reelected [illegible] year, then we asked if they had anything to say in return.”

“Wm. Goodwin – said that they were very glad to accept the terms as stated, that the King was good & that his present would help them very much, then said we are ready to sign the Treaty wh. was duly signed at 3:30 p.m.”

Queen’s University Archives. MacMartin Papers