Treaty No. 9 – 1906 – Chapleau Cree

Friday, July 20th

“Arrive 6.30 [at Chapleau] & are met by Bishop Holmes who takes us to our camp near the cemetery.”

Saturday, July 21st

“21st July. Our tents and outfit proved to be of considerable interest to the people of the village, and we were favored [sic] with visits from many of them during the day. It was not necessary to make treaty with the Indians of Chapleau, as they belong to bands residing at Moose Factory, English River, and other points where treaty had already been made. They were however recognized as members of the bands to which they belong, and were paid the gratuity due them, after being informed as to what the acceptance of the money by them involved.”

“Both the Ojibeways [sic] and Crees were consulted as to the locations where they desired to have reserves set apart for them, and their wishes in regard to this matter were duly noted for recommendation to the Ontario Govt. The request of the Ojibeways [sic] was for an addition to the present Indian reserve South of Chapleau, while the Crees asked for a point of land some 200 acres in extent, East of Chapleau, on the South bank of the Nebsquashing River.”

Samuel Stewart  LAC RG 10 Vol. 11399, file 2