Treaty No. 9 – 1906 – Missinabie Cree

July 30th

“The Commissioners had a talk with the agents of the H.B. Co. and of the Revillion Co. on the subject of the sale of intoxicants to Inds. and receive [sic] and received a promise from each of them that they would cease selling John Bull Bitters, Re[rest of word illegible] &c to them.”

“The greater part of the day was taken up in enquiring into the claims of the Ojibeway [sic] and Cree Indians residing at Missinabi. In all ninety-eight Indians were paid gratuity.”

“Considerable time was occupied in obtaining supplies, securing canoes, and in engaging men for the trip to the head of Long Lake.”

Samuel Stewart  LAC RG 10 Vol. 11399, file 2