Treaty No. 9 – 1929 Adhesion – Trout Lake

July 5th

“The Commissioners withdrew and after dinner word came from the leaders that they were prepared to meet the Commissioners for consideration of the Treaty proposals and that they had full authority to act for the band, it having been clearly pointed out to the assembled Indians in the morning that what was agreed to by their leaders or representatives would be binding upon the whole band.” 

“The Commissioners and six leaders, Samson Beardy (Chief), George Winnapetonge, Jeremiah Sainnawap, Isaac Barkman, Jack McKay and Jacob Frog, met in a new unoccupied one-room building, “The Historical Hall”, roughly constructed in the form of a 16 ft square, out of pit sawed spruce logs, over which flew a new Union Jack from a substantial pole hurriedly erected by the interested Indians.”

“Every important point in the Treaty proposals from the area involved, which was indicated to the Indians on a roll map hanging upon the North wall of the rude structure was carefully considered to the minutest detail. In this they evinced the keenest interest, particularly in respect of the detailed obligations of the Crown. The ground was thoroughly covered, the Commissioners entering into explanations with a particularity of detail, realising that in the past certain claims have been made that the Indians did not fully understand the meaning of their act.”

Treaty Commissioners Report on the making of the Adhesions to Treaty No. 9, 1929, LAC RG 10 Vol. 6819, file 490-2-17