Treaty No. 9 – 1930 Adhesion – English River

“Friday and Saturday, July 4th and 5th, were spent in paying Treaty money and considering certain submissions of interest to the Indians. Addresses were given by the Commissioners and the two pilots, who recitals of their oversea experiences in the Great War, with courageous Canadian volunteer Indians, were eagerly received. Over one hundred gathered, there being present a number from the Fort Albany band.”

“Saturday, July 5th, was impossible flying weather, the order of the day being heavy rains, low-hanging, black clouds, interspersed with sunny spots which were seized by the Treaty party, after formal work was completed, to instruct and entertain the Indians in artful pastime games and amusing tricks.”

Treaty Commissioners Report on the making of the Adhesions to Treaty No. 9, 1930, INAC file 1/1-11-12