Treaty No. 9 – 1930 Adhesion – Sandy Lake

“About 75, headed by their striking looking Chief Fiddler, arrayed in his official uniform with his large medal bearing the impression of the late King Edward VII, his prided insignia, presented their claims. The Chief predicated his submission by asserting his intention to speak the truth and humbly petition the King, through the Commissioners, to grant his people their belated reserve at the very site where the white men then stood with the red men.”

“With rousing cheers from the Indians the Commissioners said “Adieu”, hopped into the planes and with the advantage of a tail wind returned to Wendigo in forty minutes. John Wesley left for Cedar Lake by canoe and the planes loading up with part of the gas relayed from Cat Lake started for Trout Lake and arrived at 3:30 p.m.”

Treaty Commissioners Report on the making of the Adhesions to Treaty No. 9, 1930, INAC file 1/1-11-12