Treaty No. 9 – 1930 Adhesion – Trout Lake

“A feast postponed last year due to the lack of supplies, was provided by the Commissioners but the distressing rainy weather centred the preparations in the Chief’s scantily furnished log dwelling, which served as the “historical hall” last year, and thus the pristine glory and native glamour of outdoor open campfire and teepee bakings were absent, although the enjoyment in partaking of the unusual delicacies was undiminished.”

“The Indians exercised certain concern regarding the survey of their reserves, three in number, selected last year, the four descending now to the Lake Caribou band, who selected it at Caribou Lake rather than at Round Lake where it had been recommended by the Trout Lake Council and tentatively accepted by the Commissioners. Last year the non-appearance of the Wendigo and Round Lake Indians (now Lake Caribou Indians) resulted in an arrangement by which their reserve was to be the difference between the aggregate area to which the whole band was entitled and the area of the three reserves selected and referred in the Commissioners Report of last year. However, when these were selected the subsequent enrolment of fifty members at Lansdowne House was not anticipated, and consequently the area covered by the complete allotments was less than the band is entitled to under the Treaty.”

Treaty Commissioners Report on the making of the Adhesions to Treaty No. 9, 1930, INAC file 1/1-11-12