Daniel George MacMartin


Daniel George MacMartin was a mining engineer. He was the son of Daniel MacMartin Senior, a notable barrister, residing in Perth, Ontario. Recently, David MacMartin, a scholar and relative, documented that Daniel George was a long time friend and colleague of Provincial Treasurer A. J. Matheson. The two men were both educated at Trinity College University in Toronto, and were members of the local Perth elite.21 A. J. Matheson was a key player in Ontario’s communications with the Federal Department of Indian Affairs when the Terms of Treaty No. 9 were negotiated between the two governments.

D. G. MacMartin was at one time the owner of the Martha Mine in Perth, Ontario. The mine was purchased in 1892 by the Lake Gerard System;22 however, MacMartin continued to manage the mine once it was sold.

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22 Annual Report of the Bureau of Mines, published in 1894, page 194.