Moose Factory

Diary Excerpt

Wednesday 9th
At 10 am the representative members of the Band to the number of 10 were assembled in an upper Room of the Hds Bay storehouse, it was then explained to them that the King had sent his representatives to them to make a Treaty, that he wished them to be happy and prosperous and that if they entered into Treaty they would be protected, also the King had sent them a present this year of $8 and would grant them an annuity per capita of $4 per annum for all time that when they were ready for same schools would be established for the purpose of educating their children. It was also explained that it was the usual custom to provide a feast for them after the Treaty was signed and that Mr. Mowatt the Hds Bay Companys Agent would provide them with all necessary for their feast that a Reservation would be set aside for them giving each family of 5 a square mile, that they were not obliged to live on it until they felt inclined, that they could follow their custom of hunting where they pleased the area of land simply being set aside as their own on which no white man could trespass or enter upon without their permission, also they were expected to elect a chief and advisors and that the chief on election would be provided with a flag and on his successor being elected the flag being a badge or sign of authority was to be transferred.

They were then asked if they had anything to say- Fred Mark replied that they had long wished to enter into Treaty, that they concurred in all that had been said that it was right and reasonable, that they were satisfied that they would be better cared for and protected by the King, that they would obey his laws and be good and dutiful subjects, that under the laws their children would be protected and properly educated, that they thanked the King for the present offered as they were poor & it would help them 10:30 am the Treaty was signed, in the afternoon the Pay lists were carefully gone into and prepared.

Thursday 10th
At 10 30 a.m. the Indians were called up in families carefully counted and paid, in cases where
sickness prevented any of the family from attendance, in addition to statements of the parent or parents the Hds Bay Agent, also the Curate of the Mission testified to the correctness of the no of families and as to the member of same missing. In the evening the Band before sitting down to their feast announced that they had elected Fred Mark as Chief.

James Job, Simon Quachquam and Simon Cheenas, Councillors

They were then presented with a Union Jack as an emblem of authority and also to remind them when they unfurled it on all occasions when they met in consultation on receiving visitors that they were under the protection of the King and must obey all his laws it was also explained to them that they must not purchase make or use liquor in any shape or form. They then sang the doxology the Bishop leading, afterwards giving three Cheers for the King and three Cheers for the Commissioners – Mr. McKenzie Inspector for this district (Hds Bay Co) accompanied by Mr. Cochrane Agent who is on leave of absence at Fort Albany arrived from Charlton Island.

Friday 11th
At 10:30 am the Chief and Councillors assembled in the Dom. Com’s Tent and we after a short discussion granted them the following Reserve.

Reserve Moose Factory – In the Province of Ontario
Beginning at a point on the East shore of Moose River at south Bluff Creek, thence south 6 miles on the East shore of French River and of sufficient depth to give an area of 66 square miles.

The Hudson Bay Co have 26 head of cattle at the Post also some Horses. The Mission also have some cattle and two fine gardens. Tame hay, timothy is grown here by the Company and wild hay “Red Top” grows in abundance The Agent Mr. Mowatt informed me that in every instance when attempted grain failed to mature the fall frosts ripping the head while in the milky state. Dr Meindl in addition to attending to the ailments of the Indians vaccinated of the Band.