Diary Excerpt

Monday, June 4

Breakfast 6:30. Struck camp 8:15. Arrive Abitibi Post 2:50. Salutes of flags & greetings.

Showers at intervals & a steady rain all night. Camp in the H.B.C. garden. Very few Ontario Indians at the Post.

Tuesday, June 5

Continued rain. Dr. Meindl has his busy day.

Wednesday, June 6

A delightful day of sunshine cooled by a mild north wind. Bathe in afternoon.

Thursday, June 7

Begins to rain before noon – steady downpour – wind south. The treaty is signed. Drever interpreted & everything went smoothly. Louis McDougall Jr. was the spokesman for the band & was very rapid. Signs his name in Roman. Also Antoine by dint of heavy sweat. Old Cheese makes his mark & two or three besides. They want good water frontage for their reserve Questions arise of squatters’ rights – to be referred to the Ontario Government,

Friday, June 8

Began to pay Ontario Indians at 10:30. Seventy-one received eight dollars. Some are to come to morrow. The Ontario Indians elected as Chief Louis McDougall & Michel Penatouch.  At five thirty they came to consult about a reserve which was provisionally selected on the south of Lake Abitibi considerably west of the narrows. The Lake frontage will be approximately four miles with a depth of about seven miles. The Quebec Band elected as Chief Isha Nychenny & as headmen John Kishtapish & John George Cuitche. In the afternoon a meeting was held with the whole Quebec Band. Mr Stewart addressed them explaining the situation fully – Mr Geo Drever interpreting. Afterward the Chief & Headmen came to the Commissioner’s tent & discussed question of a reserve. They wish land about a days journey north of the Transcontinental up White Fish River – on a lake called Stump Lake (or Root Lake). They hope that the Priest will be able to bring up a teacher for the Summer months. The Commissioners promised to advise to that effect. During the day flags were given to each chief & provisions for a feast were distributed. Letters were written to strengthen the hands of the chiefs in dealing with the liquor question. Heavy north-west gale all day. Father Evain arrives with his crucifix & wheel of fortune. A letter was left for Ramsden re – payments.

Saturday, June 9

Eleven Indians were paid – camp struck & off at ten. Beautiful day but hot. Lunch at Dancing Rapids.