English River / Kenogami

Diary Excerpt

Saturday, July 29

Up at 4.15 off at 5.30 all day on Kenogami. Very hot. Reached English River Post at 5 -Pd Inds.

Reserve –

In Ont beginning at a point on the Kenogami or English River one mile below HBC Post known as English River Post on the north side of the river thence downstream two miles and of sufficient depth being an area of twelve (12) square miles –

Note Tell Dept. of Ind. That English River Post is in the wrong place on the map – about ½ a mile below forks of the River.

Monday, July 31

Heavy frost last night – ice formed on water ponds up at 3.45 left Post at 5.30 – Send G.B.Cooper books. Camped 7.15. Pd M. Falls Ind. 

Tuesday, August 1

Woke at 4.30 Left 6.10. Sailed with light wind. Paid inds at Cheepy [Chepai Seepee] River camped at 6.