Fort Albany

Diary Excerpt

Wednesday, August 2

Up at 4 off at 5.20. Threatened rain but cleared. Fine strong wind – sailed all day made about 90 miles – camped at 6.30 – gale came from north suddenly- blew freely for about 2 hours –

Thursday, August 3

Up at 5 off at 6.00 paddled about 15 mles arrived at Post 9.30. Very cold Made Treaty & wrote out list & visited

Friday, August 4

Up at 5. Paid 345 Inds. Visited Catholic school – church & priests house. Inenew arrived with Bishop Holmes tea at Cockram’s

Rt Rev Geo Holmes Bishop of Moosonee

Saturday, August 5

Waiting for fair wind. Paid several Inds. Sat Inds had feast. Father Fafard arrived- made choice of reserve-

Sunday, August 6

Attend church 2.  Afternoon.  Called on Pere Fafard.