Fort Hope

Diary Excerpt

Tuesday, July 18

Woke 4.45 left 6.15 Strong wind. Rain for an hour.

Arrived at Fort Hope 5.

Wednesday, July 19

Up at 7. Wet & cold. Signed Treaty in the morning. Made paylists. Paid in afternoon. C.H.M. Gordon in chg of this Post.

Thursday, July 20

Up at 7. Fine day. Paid in the morning. Indians Feasted & elected Chief & c – arranged reserve as follows – In the N.W.T. beginning at Kitchesagi on the north shore of Lake Eabamet extending Eastward along the shore of the Lake ten 10 miles; lines to be run at right angles from these points to contain sufficient land to provide one sq mile for each family of five upon the ascertained population of the Band –