Moose Factory

Diary Excerpt

Monday, August 7

Up early – started in two masted sailboat – rain all day fair wind – anchored for night at mouth of Moose River, sailed over 100 miles. Wh anchors @ 3 

Tuesday 8th landed at 10.30 wind fitful. Rested for remainder of day

As trip was rough – I was pretty sick.

Wednesday, August 9

Made treaty in the morning. Made out list in aft. Inspected mission property – Hospital- Bishops House W. with few alterations will make suitable boarding schools -Recommend grant for alterations & equipment and per capita grant – 25 or 30 pupils @ $60 – send some books, charts &c  for day school. Recomm’d grant for building new day school say $500 – send stuff by Revillion Freres– for Rev. T.B. Holland Moose Factory. —-

J.H. Mowat. Esq. Linstrom to replace Meredith

15 Sept. 05 Haileybury.

Reserve Moose Factory

In the Prov. of Ont. Beginning at at a point on the East shore of Moose River at South Bluff Creek thence south six miles on the East shore of French River and of sufficient depth to give an are of 66 square miles.

Reserve Fort Albany

In the NWT beginning a the point when the north River flows out of the main stream of the Albany hence north on the west side of the North River a distance of ten miles and of sufficient depth to give an area of 140 Sq miles

Thursday, August 10

Paid ind from 10 to 4. Election of Chief & flag presented.

Friday, August 11

Inspected mission property for school purposes.

Reserve question settled.

Send Rev. Mr Holland for Moose & Albany forms for report of attendance & statistics in the annual statement.

Saturday, August 12

Left Moose Factory 12: 30 camped at 4: 30 rain in the middle of day, camped at only available spot for several miles.

Sunday, August 13

Up at 5: 00 Started at 6 poling & tracking up long rapids, constant swift water.  Reached mouth of Abbittibi 2:30 Long portage Left Bishop Holmes. Camed at 6: 20. 

Monday, August 14

Up at 5, started at 6:30.  When leaving called upon by passing canoes. Sullivan’s survey party for Ont. Govt..  Poled and tracked all day. Camped at 6:45.